Home Loans For Bad Credit – with 500 middle fico scores.

Here is a summary of bad credit home loans and mortgages in this section. Please read all chapters as they are inter-related. Fico scores determines what kind of bad credit mortgage you will be able to get. Most loans now require documented income, like tax returns and pay stubs and W-2s. To find and get home loans for bad credit please click on the topics below:

Bad credit home loans : If you have bad credit and past credit problems like charge-offs,late payments,bankruptcy etc.

Mortgage with bad credit & credit rankings: How to evaluate your credit profile with with Fico scores.

Poor credit No Fico loans: There are loans that don't need Fico scores. Your mortgage history is the only consideration.

Home loans for people with bad credit: Learn how to get these in today's economy

Fico scores: Understanding fico scores and how they influence credit and mortgage decisions.

Bad credit mortgage refinance: How to refinance your bad credit home mortgage

Home loans for bad credit & reporting: How your bad credit is reported to bureaus and good credit is not.

Stop Foreclosures: 7 Legal defenses to Foreclosures.

Foreclosure : How to stop foreclosure on your home- New !

Consolidate credit cards: How to pay off credit cards and reduce debt

Bad credit and Debt consolidation: How to payoff and get a 100% loan.

Bad credit & credit card debt consolidation Consolidate credit cards and get lower payments

We provide many loans that have higher loan to value for bad credit loans than most lenders and with minimum down payment. In this economy if your credit scores are low, and you do not qualify for some reason with conventional lenders, you can still use FHA loan programs, which are basically government insured mortgages for people with bad credit. These loans require 3 % down payment for purchases and can also be used for bad credit mortgage refinances.

Please discuss your scenario with a loan officer who specializes in bad credit home loans.